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Welcome to WildDog and Hyena: A Nuzlocke Comic.

Adventure? Drama? Romance? Animals killing each other? Sounds like a Pokemon Nuzlocke! We are here today to witness the great rise (and possibly horrific fall) of our hero, WildDog. This curiously dog-eared boy will train little monsters known as Pokemon and battle them against his enemies to become the best Pokemon Master there ever was! Maybe. He's not really sure what he wants to do with his life... WARNING! The following comic is (for all purposes) PG-13. It feature boys love and some nudiness, and naughty words. There. You've been warned. I'm not your mother! Don't expect me to hold your hand! This is the internet - crazier shit is happening in this joint every millisecond.

Slight Delay

Sorry about the delay on the new pages folks! I'm in the middle of a comic book class and I'm drawing the first five pages of my original comic, which takes more time and delicacy than this one.

But never fear!

I'll have a new page up within a few days. :3

posted by TyrackWolfII @ March 3rd, 2012, 10:48 pm   0 comments

Hey A New Page!

Yeah, two pages in a week! The first part of our story will actually move pretty quickly since I played through a good part of the beginning and WildDog doesn't talk.

Or does he?


posted by TyrackWolfII @ February 24th, 2012, 1:49 pm   0 comments

And We're Off!

I finally got the first page up! Geeze, sorry 'bout that, folks.

Well, instead of posting every Monday, I'll just be posting every week. It's just easier for me to juggle this, my job, and my other comic if this one is more flexible. That and it'll give me time to play as I go so I won't forget shit. XD

posted by TyrackWolfII @ February 23rd, 2012, 10:30 am   0 comments

A New Dawn Rises

And I'm starting a comic! Welcome to the beginning of WildDog and Hyena, a Pokemon LeafGreen Nuzlocke starting our enthusiastic (yet slightly hot tempered) shirtless hero, WildDog!

Hopefully, I'll have a page up within a few days, then after that, every Monday. I'm counting on you guys to give me the inspiration to keep going - it's no good for an artist to keep drawing a comic if nobody reads it! :3

posted by TyrackWolfII @ February 13th, 2012, 1:21 am   0 comments

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